she likes to savor it

That musty be the best pancake ever.

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I am excited for the new SM anime but somehow I just don’t seem to care about it as much as a lot of people do… =/

(late reply is late)

I feel the same way actually. I want to see, and I’m excited for it, yet at the same time…

Maybe I’ll feel differently one it starts or at least, get more information on it.


My favorite thing about Seto Kaiba is that he’d rather believe Ishizu forged a two ton Ancient Egyptian stele and got it put into an official exhibition halfway around the world to just to fool him personally, than that Pegasus saw some pretty pictures and decided to base a card game off them.

im sorry for dragging you into this…since you mostly watch shounen anime =P

Outside Precure, yeah, that seems to be the case at the moment. Kind of wish the new Sailor Moon anime would air already…

Oh so you did download it =P The first 15 on stream, then I downloaded everything XD The subs are pretty decent IMHO I probably just don’t remember where that bit came from XD

I couldn’t resist. D:

It’s the episode 7 title card.